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We Did It!

What an amazing production week we had. From the dress run the Saturday before, with our tiny audience, everyone knew we had created something very special and we were very excited for opening night to come.

On Wednesday 19th March, we had our world premiere of our musical. Everything fell into place and the company rose to the occasion magnificently. With an audience of over one hundred people, we gave them a show that astounded them for its polish, energy and creativity. They loved it and we had a big success on our hands.

Throughout our run of four performances, audience members laughed and cried. So many of them spoke about how moving the whole experience was. They loved the music, the songs and the stories. They were very touched by our diverse company that embodied what community is all about.

We sure have quite a show. See our Buy Tickets page to be part of it. 

We LOVE to jitterbug!

Eileen goes fire watching with Porky Merry and Alfie Farrer, not knowing her family would soon be on the receiving end of a bombing raid

Barnes Wallis uses Amy Gentry’s exceptional rowing skills as he has early trials for his bouncing bomb. Meanwhile, Leslie Wrangles starts at his first job and Eileen Lucy tells her mates at the labour exchange what life will be like when she marries Bill

What’s Charlie the Spiv up to now? 

The streets were not so silent as over 50% of families chose to stay together and not send their children away, despite pressure from Government

What does the future hold for our characters?

A trip to the movies was full of frights and delights in the forties.

Costumes are to die for! Great job, Esther!